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Make your YEAR uniquely fulfilling  by completing my Advent calendar designed for you to look fabulous!



How it works?

The main idea of how an Advent calendar works is that each day you do a special task on the  calendar to countdown the days leading to completing it.

How cool is that? 🙂

Every day this is done starting on April 1 and then finishing on April 24.

I guarantee that upon completing my Advent calendar you will feel AMAZING inside and out!


~ Phyllis Briggs

Here are the details of my Advent Calendar
  1. Share this calendar with others to do the “April challenge” with you  this month – join the April challenge if you also want to lose 3 to 7 kilos for April – click here if not done already then join the Facebook group via the link in the email.
  2. Take your before weights and measurements and pictures if you this is what you wish.
  3. Walk or run a 2 km loop from outside your door and time this daily  – download the record template that will be emailed if you joined the April challenge. 
  4. Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinners for the next 7 days  and make a deal with yourself to start tomorrow – use the downloadable template and shopping list  if doing April Challenge.
  5. Sort your exercise clothes so you not searching for them.
  6. Prep the rest of the weeks meals – use the downloadable template and shopping list if you doing “April Challenge”.
  7. Enter the 2 days “Juicy Biatch” Detox Break for April  – link in the site.
  8. Clean out the cupboards of foods that you really really don’t need to be eating ever 🙂 you decide what these are.
  9. Give away or gift your weight loss books that you not doing anything with.
  10. Invite a friend or family member over for dinner or lunch and make the most delicious healthy.  
  11. AFTER BREAKFAST or lunch or dinner but most importantly  when you have a full belly , plan your next 7 days and go shop then prep when you get home.
  12. Try out some different teas that are green tea based today and commit to replacing a coffee or tea a day with it.
  13. Admire yourself in the mirror, as in really look at all that is gorgeous about you !! Take a moment to be grateful for all that your body does for you without you thinking about it  – download the guided meditation and listen tonight before falling asleep.
  14. Take the stairs today or park further away , or get off the bus a stop early and plan to do this always!
  15. Go back and do whatever you missed off the calendar so far, its never too late. 
  16. Give the gift of time to someone with children, either yourself, by going to the park and kicking a ball, pushing on the swings, be active! And if you don’t have children, find someone who does and play date them! Get them outside for a shared healthy picnic lunch or dinner at the park with the kids! Don’t like this idea? Share on the Facebook group what you came up with to replace it.
  17. LAST 7 day meal plan to do today so your food is all ready for tomorrow,  you know the drill, full belly so after one of your meals today, plan, shop and prep all on the same day – you got this!! 
  18. Plan to stick to protein and great choice carbs for April to feel fab this month!
  19. Add in at least 2 litres of lemon water a day – buy yourself present of something glass and nice to keep on your desk at work or bench at home and ready for the new year – start with half a litre by breakfast if this is hard for you to do and build up from there. 
  20. Take a walk in a NATURE or by the beach or lake.
  21. Sit and right a list of ten things you are grateful for in your life – let me know how easy or hard this was for you. 
  22. Dark chocolate dipped strawberries – or freeze individual blueberries coated in dark chocolate!! 
  23. Be happy with what you done over these last 2- plus days, good is good enough , its about improving, not being perfect! There is always a NEXT RETREAT TO JOIN ME AGAIN for your next 3 to 7 kilos. 
  24. Do the fastest 2 km that you can do today and see how far you come in, send in your weight loss, measurements and picture if you wish!! Well done you!!